Krafty Kritter

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Team Canada Jersy

Hey, while I don't usually post pictures of myself (I'm not terribly photogenic), I got my Team Canada Knitting Olympics Jersey last Tuesday, and have been cheerily wearing it ever since!! Here I am:

Team Canada Jersey

Okay, look at the shirt, and not me. Remember that.

One of the girls on the Team Loom Knitting made a couple of Pantas. I asked her what they were, and she said they were a sort of Norwegian Headband, which is evidently making the rounds of the knitting world. I did some research, and it's cool. I thought I'd try it in Tunisian Crochet (since I can't needle knit)...I experimented and came up with this:

Tunisian Panta

It looks nice, but too large format since I made it with an L-hook. I'm working on one now using a I-hook and that cool Possum Fur/Merino Wool that I got a few months back, and trying to make it look more like a knitted one. I should have that up in a couple of days.

Betcha you'll all be on tenterhooks just waiting for that one!